Rs. 1650 Rs. 2750

   Hair Straightener Brush 100% Anti Static Ceramic Coated Teeth Designed with style and class  

Rs. 645 Rs. 800

Light, creamy texture, formulated with multimineral complex, which contains calcium, zinc, magnesium, and copper, stays on all day long and prevents shine.

Rs. 475 Rs. 700

It has ultra light fine texture. It dries quickly. It does not create a sticky film on the face. It provides resistance to makeup 12 hours.How to use: After applying makeup, spray holding vial 2-4 times at a distance of 20-25 cm

Rs. 750 Rs. 950

Each Farmasi products are manufactured with the highest standards and certified by independent international companies and laboratories such as GMP, HALAL .

Rs. 525 Rs. 700

Reflective particles help to hide small wrinkles, and with the help of a convenient brush you can easily rastushuete corrector.  

Rs. 525 Rs. 700

CURLING & LENGTH& VOLUME All in one effective special brush with full effect of stretching, stretching and curling. Natural appearance by lashing individual lashes and combing. Gives volume, provides long lashes and curves perfectly with plastic brush.  

Rs. 1175 Rs. 1500

It improves the general condition of the skin, easy to apply and stay up evenly, effectively correcting skin imperfections and creating a natural makeup.

Rs. 450 Rs. 700

 its new soft formula conceals imperfections and provides full coverage.This compact and easy-to-use concealer is ideal for young, problem skin.

Rs. 625 Rs. 800

This new Liquid Matte Lipstick Collection includes rich and charming tones that makes you look like a super model and gives you the self-confidence of them.

Rs. 1600 Rs. 1900

The fragrance of love addict victoria's secret is floral , fruity , sweet aroma , which is quite young . The cream moisturizes very well and keeps you aroma for quite some time.

Rs. 6600 Rs. 7000

This prefume is fresh,sexy and tottally irresistible-as announced by the house.It is constructed as a floral-fruit blend and contains everything.It composition of the new fragrance VICTORIA opens with juicy, luminous notes of red berries. Luminous red berries surround and sweeten victoria rose placed in the heart of the composition,accompained by a fine groumand trail of creme brulee in the base of the perfume.

Rs. 2750 Rs. 3000

The fragrance  is floral , fruity , sweet aroma , which is quite young . The cream moisturizes very well and keeps you aroma for quite some time.

Rs. 4500 Rs. 5000

The fragrance Victoria secret charm is Eau de Toilette vwhich is quite young . The prefume very well and keeps your body fresh and longlasting smell.